The Codpast

At school Jane’s creative writing exercises would often be returned covered in red ink. Now a published author, Jane returns to those same books to find what her teachers had dismissed as lazy sloppy writing, were actually the early musings of a celebrated author.


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After finishing her GCSE’s with grades including F’s, G’s and even U’s. Natasha thought her journey in education had reached an impenetrable brick wall. Share her inspirational journey to academic at career success, inspite of her severe dyslexia.

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In this episode musician and music teacher Trev William shares the story of his battles with dyslexia, metal health and the psychotic episodes, that he believes, his dyslexia played a part in.

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In this show journalism graduate and creator of the House and Heals blog shares her struggles with dyslexia and how she successfully navigated school and university and the world of work.


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